Esoteric Acupuncture change

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  • Acupuncture $100
    Please contact Shindai Acupuncture to schedule this service at 619-587-1779 or
  • 15 minute phone consultation Free
    Not sure acupuncture is right for you? Let's set a time where we can discuss what you hope to gain from acupuncture & see if what I have to offer is right for you!
    Call or Text 619-587-1779 or email
  • Facial Renewal $350

    A Shindai Facial is a conscious beauty choice that allows you to melt into yourself & age backwards. Your beauty challenges will be addressed without the dangers of botox, fillers, or harmful side effects. Brighten skin, tone facial muscles, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, & uncover body imbalances that have weighed down your visage. A Shindai facial honors your years of accumulated wisdom while harmonizing imbalances so you see enduring change. Float out of the office with a new feeling of vitality after a treatment that is customized to you!

    (Package discounts available; Please allow 2 hours for this treatment)

  • Facial Renewal San Diego
    Please call or email for details & to discuss pricing.
  • Wellness Coaching $50
  • Wellness Coaching $85
Kimberly Maloney L.Ac.: None available